Film production and marketing. We can offer a wide selection of films. Our manufactured films can be classified according to the type of raw materials:

• LDPE (Low density polyethylene)

• MDPE (Medium density polyethylene)

• HDPE (High density polyethylene)

• Secondary raw materials (recycled)

Also, the film is divided according to the wrapping in rolls:

• Sleeve (both sides of the film are closed)

• Half Sleeve (one film side open)

• Bar

Polyethylene film can be of various dimensions, thickening, color, heat-shrinkable, with UV filters, perforated, with the press.

We also offer a wide selection of polyethylene bags. We manufacture and sell all types of bags:

• Simple Bags

• Pleat Bags

• Pouches with Edge for bending

• Small bags with a euro hole or knob

• Shirt-type Pouches

• Perforated bags in rolls

And we can offer also bags with zippers from PVC, CPP and NW nonwoven materials for:

  • Pillow bags
  • Quilt bags
  • Stock zipperbags